"This book can do more to improve well-being, now and for years to come, than the best available medicines."

Walter C. Willett, M.D.
Chair of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health

"If you?re looking for the path that leads to a long and healthy life, the definitive map is between the covers of this book! Brilliant!"

Dr. David Hunnicutt
President, Wellness Councils of America

"This book shows us the way to resolve much of America's health crisis. It explains the science of healthy living in a language people can understand and follow. Yet, it is backed with the scientific evidence that can be trusted. Every adult, every patient, and every doctor in American should read this book."

Dr. Roger L Greenlaw
FACP, Rockford Gastroenterology

"Dr. Aldana's passion to create change in America, has been articulated in this book. It is based on sound research and is understandable for anyone wanting to live a healthy life."

Lisa Henning
Executive Director, WorkWell, Inc. Lincoln, Nebraska


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Culture Clash: How We Win the Battle for Better Health

Culture Clash cuts through the marketing hype to reveal the true cause of our poor health, our unhealthy culture. If you are looking for a healthy, high quality of life free from excessive weight, diabetes or chronic disease, there is only one real solution: create and live in your own culture of health.

With Culture Clash you will create a healthy culture with three steps:
  • Find a reason to change
  • Learn new skills
  • Get help from others

Culture Clash contains 265 pages of strategies, examples, and real stories of people who have created a healthy culture. It has all the tools you need to stop gaining weight and improve your health by creating a new culture. Our unhealhty culture is the problem and creating a new culture is the ONLY long-term solution.

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The Stop & Go Grocery Guide shows you how to navigate
the grocery store and identify foods that are good for you.
Use the colors of the stop light to help you choose healthy

With the Grocery Guide you can:

  • Pick foods that are healthy
  • Lose weight by eating foods that are good for you
  • Identify foods that contribute to good health
  • Find healthy options for your unhealthy foods choices
  • Adopt a healthy diet and add 10-20 years of extra life

The most popular 3,500 grocery foods have been color coded

Are you eating healthy?

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Find out why the Fast Food Nutrition Guide will help you count calories, be healthy, and enjoy better nutrition. Download for FREE or purchase the book for only $6.95, it makes the perfect gift for anyone. The entire fast food guide has been color coded red, yellow, and green to make it simple to select healthy nutrition choices at all your favorite fast food restaurants.

Fast food restaurants are not required to list ingredients or nutrition information on the menu. When you are in a hurry, you are unlikely to review all the offerings in a fast food calorie guide at your favorite fast food restaurants. By doing the research for us, Dr. Aldana takes the guesswork out of ordering at nearly 70 fast food joints.



Now you can eat out and eat healthy fast food using the information found in the Fast Food Nutrition Guide. fast food calorie counter

  • Use the guide to see which fast foods are the best and which fast foods are the worst.
  • Learn where to find healthy fast food.
  • Take the Fast Food Guide with you and make healthy fast food selections everyday.
  • Use the fast food calorie counter to see how many calories are in your favorite fast foods.

What others are saying...
"I understand how hard it is to eat healthy while traveling. Dr. Aldana has taken a lot of the guess work out of the issue and made it easier to make good nutrition choices by simply using the fast food calorie guide."
–Mike Huckabee
Governor of Arkansas

“It’s about time a book like this is written! If the Fast Food Nutrition Guide does nothing more than generate much needed discussion, it’s worth it. Try it for your guide.”
– T. Colin Campbell, PhD,
Cornell University
Author of the best seller The China Study

Why lifestyle is the culprit behind America's poor health and how transforming that lifestyle can be the cure

by Steven G. Aldana, Ph.D.

As Americans struggle to eat healthy foods, be physically active, avoid chronic diseases, practice proper nutrition, and control body weight, this book acts as a life-line…a beacon of scientific truth and a practical guide for change. Read More…

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