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"Exercise is like a combination of psychotherapy, physical therapy, and stress management all concentrated in one 30-minute session."

– Dr. Steven Aldana,
The Culprit and The Cure

Dr. Aldana's Popular Videos & Power Point Presentation:

» The Burger King "I am Man" video
» Dr. Aldana 's brief video explanation of "The Culprit & The Cure"
» Vicky Pacham's inspiring testimonial video
» Dr. Aldana's popular 1 hour presentation "The Choice is Yours"
(80MB - 42 Min.)
» Dr. Aldana on "Living Essentials" KBYU TV Nov. 16, 2004
» Dr. Aldana's "Navigating the Fast Food Maze" Video Presentation
Power Point Presentations:
» 10-20 Years of Extra Life: The Choice is Yours
» Power Point Presentations for each chapter of The Culprit and The Cure
» Navigating the Fast Food Maze


» "The Culprit & The Cure Audio Book" Listen to chapter one now
» See all the charts, tables, and figures, in The Culprit & The Cure Book

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