"This book can do more to improve well-being, now and for years to come, than the best available medicines."

Walter C. Willett, M.D.
Chair of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health

"If you?re looking for the path that leads to a long and healthy life, the definitive map is between the covers of this book! Brilliant!"

Dr. David Hunnicutt
President, Wellness Councils of America

"This book shows us the way to resolve much of America's health crisis. It explains the science of healthy living in a language people can understand and follow. Yet, it is backed with the scientific evidence that can be trusted. Every adult, every patient, and every doctor in American should read this book."

Dr. Roger L Greenlaw
FACP, Rockford Gastroenterology

"Dr. Aldana's passion to create change in America, has been articulated in this book. It is based on sound research and is understandable for anyone wanting to live a healthy life."

Lisa Henning
Executive Director, WorkWell, Inc. Lincoln, Nebraska


The Culprit & The Cure
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Press Releases

> A Healthier America Begins Today March 15, 2005
> Workplace health promotion program improves health and saves millions
> Life-changing health improvements possible just six weeks after behavior change

March 15, 2005

A Healthier America Begins Today

New Book-The Culprit and the Cure-consolidates scientific evidence into a practical plan for improved health and longer life

Provo, UT-Steven G. Aldana, Ph.D.-nationally recognized expert on the effect of lifestyle choices on disease prevention and longevity-today announced the general availability of his latest book, The Culprit and the Cure. In The Culprit and the Cure, Dr. Aldana presents a wealth of scientific data that reveals the effects that lifestyle choices such as a healthy diet, exercise, and other factors can have on the life-span and risk for diseases of individuals. Along with this empirical evidence, the book also provides practical recommendations and easy-to-follow guidelines that help individuals begin and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

"Many people know that avoiding smoking, eating healthy, and exercising regularly contribute to better health," said Dr. Aldana. "But most people have yet to realize how these behaviors can extend life and prevent and even reverse diabetes, heart disease, and many other chronic diseases. In The Culprit and The Cure, I've waded through the scientific evidence to present a concise, engaging, and persuasive argument for lifestyle changes. Because making lifestyle changes is the most difficult part of living healthy, I've also included a realistic plan and roadmap for making healthy living a reality. There are no quick fixes, no miracle diets, just accurate information on why, what, and how to live a long, healthy life."

The Culprit and the Cure offers concrete scientific evidence of the impact correct lifestyle choices have on longevity. For example, individuals who maintain a healthy weight, exercise on a regular basis, and consume a healthy diet can add 10 to 20 additional high quality years to their lives. By combining this empirical evidence with more than 20 years of lifestyle change experience and research, Dr. Aldana arms readers with all the tools necessary to significantly reduce their risk for chronic disease, increase their life expectancy, and improve their quality of life. Best of all, the most common side effect of healthy living is weight loss and healthy weight maintenance.

"If you're looking for the path that leads to a long and healthy life, the definitive map is between the covers of this book! Brilliant! " said Dr. David Hunnicutt, president, Wellness Councils of America

"The Culprit and the Cure is a clear beacon of simple and understandable truth in a sea of commercially motivated hype," said Troy B. Adams, Ph.D. FAWHP at Arizona State University. "Finally a book that gets to the heart of good health in a light-hearted but scientifically supported way. Every individual with children, employees or patients should read and distribute this book."

Before it even went to press, 10,000 copies of The Culprit and Cure were sold.

Availability The Culprit and the Cure is currently available at better booksellers nationwide as well as through leading online outlets. Copies of the book can also be ordered online by visiting www.theculpritandthecure.com.

About Steven G. Aldana Dr. Steven Aldana is a professor of lifestyle medicine in the College of Health and Human Performance at Brigham Young University and an adjunct faculty member of the University of Illinois School of Medicine. As a nationally known researcher and speaker he has educated and entertained audiences all over America with more than 90 invited speeches. He has published more than 50 scholarly articles and has written 5 books on the connections between healthy living, weight loss, and disease prevention.

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