Are you responsible for helping your
• family
• patients
• employees
have good health?


I�m responsible for helping my family, patients, or employees have good health.

To help individuals have good health and have a high quality life three things have to happen:

  • They need to learn why good nutrition and regular physical activity will have a direct impact on health. They need to see the mountain of scientific evidence that shows the importance of healthy living.
  • They need to learn what good nutrition is and what it means to be active. The amount of scientific information behind healthy eating and exercise grows every day. The Culprit and The Cure is the most up to date nutrition and physical activity guide in print.
  • They need to learn how to replace old, unhealthy behaviors with new, healthy ones. Good health is all about adopting healthy behaviors. When individuals learn to overcome barriers that discourage healthy change, they will be more likely to have a healthy lifestyle. The Culprit and The Cure is the guide to helping people adopt and maintain healthy behaviors for life.

The Culprit and The Cure will help you and those you care about learn the why, what, and how of healthy living.
  • A copy of The Culprit and The Cure would make a perfect Christmas or birthday gift.
  • Give a copy of the book for Mother�s or Father�s Day to show your parents you really care about them and want them to be around for a long time.
  • If you are a physician why not give each of your patients a copy.
  • If you are an employer why not show your employees you really value them by giving each of them a copy.

Order more than one copy and get big discounts.

Quantity discounts will be calculated at checkout.

See how some individuals and businesses are using these volume discounts to create a public health revolution:

Bernell Jackson, Petersburg, Florida- Loving Father
Bernell read a copy of the book and was so excited with the information he ordered 10 more copies�one for each of his children, and each of his brothers and sisters. He loves his whole family and wants each of them to start living healthier lives. By ordering 10 books, he got a big discount and helped his family start living longer, healthier lives. He also comes back to this website every week and gets the latest news and science in the News and Updates link on this site.

Susan Molowski- Nurse Practitioner
Susan sees patients all day who are suffering from early and late stages of several chronic diseases, all of which are lifestyle related. She believes that the first line of treatment is prevention. A healthy lifestyle can go a long way to prevent, arrest, and even reverse many chronic diseases. Since she doesn�t have the time to personally teach all of her patients why, what, and how to adopt a healthy lifestyle, she purchases large quantities of books at a large discount and passes them along to her patients. She knows that a healthy lifestyle is the common denominator of good medical care. Susan also visits the news and updates section of this site to get useful power points slides and participates in web casts from leading health authorities.

Derek Anderson, Indiana- Small Business Owner
Derrick owns a small asphalt company in Indiana and has 78 employees. Because he is a small employer he is unable to offer a large, well funded worksite health-promotion program so he purchased 78 copies of the book and distributed them to each of his employees. His employees feel that they are appreciated and that Derrick wants them to be part of the company for many years to come. Derrick knows that a healthy workforce means he will continue to have a healthy, successful business.

Aaron M. Hardy, Reno, Nevada- Large Business, Wellness Coordinator
Aaron is the wellness coordinator for the Washoe County School District in Reno, Nevada. His program has been twice recognized by the US Department of Health and Human Services as an outstanding program. His program also received the 2001 Outstanding Program of the Year Award from the Public Risk Management Association. Aaron has made copies of The Culprit and The Cure available to all 7,000 of his employees and retirees. Just recently, Aaron�s wellness program demonstrated one of the highest return on investments every published. You can read more about the effect of his program. Aaron is using the book to do what he and his staff cannot, teach all of his employees and retires the why, what, and how of healthy living.
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