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What others are saying about The Culprit & The Cure:

"This book shows us the way to resolve much of America's health crisis. It explains the science of healthy living in a language people can understand and follow. Yet, it is backed with the scientific evidence physicians can trust. Every adult, every patient, and every doctor in American should read this book. "
- Roger L Greenlaw, MD FACP ABHM

"Dr. Aldana has performed a valuable service for consumers as well as students and health professionals. He provides a comprehensive review of lifestyle related research that enables the reader to make sense of the myriad of often conflicting and confusing health recommendations that bombard us every day. Those who read and use this book will surely appreciate the tremendous potential we now have to prevent chronic disease, enjoy a higher quality of life and help control escalating health care costs.

Very importantly, Dr. Aldana also offers many practical tools to help people set workable personal goals and make meaningful lifestyle changes. This ability to move from research foundations to personal action is the critical key to closing the immense gap between what we now know about human health and what we do in every day life. "
- Tim Butler, MS, CHES
Health Management Analyst
IHC Health Plans

"Steve Aldana is a dedicated educator-researcher who walks the talk of optimal health. This book is well written and provides the information and advice that will help you enhance your health, well-being, and quality of life"
- Bill Whitmer, President and CEO
Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO)

"Finally a book that gets to the heart of good health in a light-hearted but scientifically supported way! This book is a clear beacon of simple and understandable truth in a sea of commercially motivated hype. Every person with children, employees or patients should read and distribute this book."
- Troy B. Adams, Ph.D. FAWHP, Arizona State University

"We don't have a health care crisis, we have a health crisis. Steve Aldana's book is a handbook for healthy living in the 21st Century. We can point the finger of blame all we want, but the primary responsibility for health lies within each one of us."
- David M. Koehler, Executive Director, Peoria Area Labor Management Council (PALM)
President/CEO, LMC Health Programs, Inc.

"As the wellness coordinator at the Washoe County School District in Reno, NV, my job is to help our employees have good health. This book provides adults with exactly the why, what, and how they need to live long, high quality lives. It is so valuable I have made a copy available for each of our 7,000 employees and retirees. If they will apply this information in their own lives, we will have the healthiest workforce in America."
- Aaron M. Hardy, MS
President of Integrated Health & Wellness
Washoe County School District Wellness Coordinator

"Each and every day we get bombarded with health news and lifestyle information (much of it seemingly conflicting) that is presented as little snippets and factoids-no more than a 5-second message that perks our ears but does little more. All this "latest and greatest" knowledge does not allow for a more comprehensive and understandable "picture" of where these pieces of information fit in our lives. So, it is refreshing to see a book come along that cuts through the clutter and presents a clear, concise, and well-balanced story on the why's, what's, and how's of a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Steve Aldana incorporates the latest research on physical activity and healthful eating into an easy-to-read guide that tells us why it is important to live an active healthy lifestyle. Better yet, Aldana doesn't stop there, he goes on to tell the reader how to actually achieve an active and healthy lifestyle by incorporating proven strategies from behavioral science. This book is written to reach the public with a simple and clear story about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. However, because it is built upon a solid scientific foundation, I can't help but think it would be a great textbook for both high school and college students to ensure that this message does not reach them too late in life."
- Nico Pronk, Ph.D., FACSM, FAWHP Vice President, Center for Health Promotion Research Investigator, HealthPartners Research Foundation HealthPartners

Steve Aldana is gifted in translating the latest research into practical commonsense recommendation for good health. If only Steve Aldana could bottle his practical, but science-based advice, we'd have public health revolution…
- Garry M. Lindsay Director of Business Partnerships Partnership for Prevention

"Dr. Aldana's passion to create change in America, has been articulated in this book. It is based on sound research and is understandable for anyone wanting to live a healthy life." "This book brings home some basic principles of health that everyone can understand. It is based on years of research and provides reasonable lifestyle changes that can help individuals lead a long and healthy life."
- Lisa Henning, Executive Director WorkWell, Inc. Lincoln, Nebraska
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