"This book can do more to improve well-being, now and for years to come, than the best available medicines."

Walter C. Willett, M.D.
Chair of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health

"If you?re looking for the path that leads to a long and healthy life, the definitive map is between the covers of this book! Brilliant!"

Dr. David Hunnicutt
President, Wellness Councils of America

"This book shows us the way to resolve much of America's health crisis. It explains the science of healthy living in a language people can understand and follow. Yet, it is backed with the scientific evidence that can be trusted. Every adult, every patient, and every doctor in American should read this book."

Dr. Roger L Greenlaw
FACP, Rockford Gastroenterology

"Dr. Aldana's passion to create change in America, has been articulated in this book. It is based on sound research and is understandable for anyone wanting to live a healthy life."

Lisa Henning
Executive Director, WorkWell, Inc. Lincoln, Nebraska


The Culprit & The Cure
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The Culprit and The Cure
Why lifestyle is the culprit behind America's poor health and how transforming that lifestyle can be the cure Steven G. Aldana, Ph.D.
"This book can do more to improve well being, now and for years to come, than the best available medicines."
Ten to twenty years of additional, high quality life await those who adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Steven G. Aldana, nationally recognized lifestyle medicine expert, shows why a healthy lifestyle will extend life, prevent chronic diseases, and control body weight. Dr. Aldana presents the science of healthy living and the way to be healthy for life. Good health before age 40 is a gift from God, after that, good health has to be earned.

ISBN 0-9758828-0-5
Category: Health & Fitness
Price: $24.99 U.S./$30.60 CAN.
Format: cloth
Trim: 6 x 9
Page Count: 272
Illus: 20 b&w drawings
Carton Quantity: 22
Author Resides: Mapleton, UT near Salt Lake City

Sales Materials to support the book:

  • Finished books
  • Copies of the cover
  • Harvard School of Medicine
  • Amercian College of Lifestyle Medicine
  • Cornell University
  • Wellness Councils of America
  • Arizona State University

  • Any adult who wants good health
  • Any parent trying to raise healthy children
  • Direct marketing to 7 million employee members of the Wellness Councils of America
  • 7 city radio and TV tour: New York, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas
  • Galleys and finished copies have been sent to 1,400 reviewers, freelance writers, and opinion makers
  • First printing of 10,000 already sold
  • Eat Drink and Be Healthy: Walter Willett, August 2001, ISBN: 0-6848-6337-5
  • The New Glucose Revolution: Jennie Brand-Miller, August 2003, ISBN: 1-56924-478-2
  • Eat Right for Your Type: Peter J. D'Adamo 1996, ISBN: 0-399-14255-X
Sales Handles:
  • 92% of Americans do not have a healthy lifestyle and will likely die prematurely
  • Realistic plan to achieve good health even couch potatoes can follow
  • No infomercials here, just the facts and a health-promoting plan of action for individuals who want to enjoy good health
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